Repair & Remediation

Restoring the Integrity of Your Buildings

Water intrusion in the Pacific Northwest can lead to significant problems and damage to your building envelope. This may be due to a construction defect or just the typical wear and tear of time.  One of the challenges is safeguarding against water intrusion with your building enclosure.  Prolonged water intrusion exposure leads to compromised areas of your building enclosure, damage, or rot.


The Landmark team consists of highly skilled employees with a broad range of construction skills and a passion for quality. As challenges arise, you can count on the Landmark team, as your partner, to resolve them. We can assist with your repair and remediation needs. Our team can handle any project large or small.

Project Assessments


Our project assessment helps identify areas that may be compromised by water intrusion and lead to degradation of your structure or pooling issues. Pooling can lead to water build up and icy decks.

Our services are designed to help you assess and protect your building assets, improve the efficiency of the installation process, and durability of your commercial project.

Are you in the process of renovating an existing building due to end-of-life or damage? Our engineering services are focused on assessing your renovation or new construction plans to ensure the viability and longevity of your new commercial exterior.

Building Renovations


When your commercial building enclosure has reached the end of its service life, it will require replacement.  Our design team is here to assist you with your renovation. We accomplish this by providing a timely assessment and cost-effective designs.  With the use of computer-aided design, our team will demonstrate before and after images of your property and help assess the best approach for your new options.

Forensic Analysis

Our forensic analysis services provide the insightful information that will help reduce duplication of work, lower costs, and result in a well-structured repair process.

Intrusive Examinations

As a licensed contractor, our team of specialists will assess areas of stress or damage and surgically remove areas of the building to determine areas of failure.

Beauty Restored




Our Promise: Quality Service at a Great Value.

Landmark Construction is a professionally bonded and licensed general contracting company and specializes in commercial general contracting services.  We are locally owned and operated in the Puget Sound.  Our teams are professionally trained and specialize in repair and remediation.

Safety First

Our teams are professionally trained and engage in on-going safety training to ensure our team is empowered to make it a top priority.  We adhere to the strict standards of our industry to ensure the safety of our team and our clients.  Every project includes safety measures in the planning, budgeting, and scheduling.

Innovation and Efficiency

Our goal is to ensure your project is completed efficiently and effectively. Hiring a contractor for your project requires a significant investment.  When you invest with Landmark Construction, you will be saving valuable time and money due to our team’s knowledge and expertise. You can be assured that the work is done properly and your property is safe in the Pacific Northwest weather.

Ensuring Quality

We work with the best products and vendors in the business.  Our team has participated in product certification programs from many of the top vendors in the industry.  This ensures that our work utilizes the best materials in the market and that our highly trained team can complete the installation quickly and efficiently.

Hassle Free Repairs

We only use superior products from some of the most respected names — and warranties — in the business. This guarantees the best possible combination of quality and expertise at work for you.